Learning Area



Younger Learners

Building on the Primary History Curriculum, the learning area focuses on the strand ‘Buildings, sites and ruins in my area’.

  • It encourages students to look at the function of the garden.
  • It encourages younger learners to look at the size, layout, and construction materials of the garden.
  • Students are encouraged to write imaginative stories about personalities associated with the house like the head gardener, Tap Mannion and the cook, Mrs Lamb

Young Adult Learners

The young adult learner section is designed for Transition Year students. Building on the agenda for this year, the students are encouraged to engage in self directed learning projects on the topic ‘from digging to dining’


– Students are encouraged to look at Woodville and compare Victorian sustainability with modern efforts at sustainability.
– Woodville was one of a number of ‘big houses’ in east Galway, using the NUI database of Connacht landed estates, students are encouraged to map big houses in the area and research their interrelationships.
– They are encouraged to use the online 1911 census and other historical sources to build up a picture those who lived and worked in and around Woodville.
– Building on the topic of life above and below stairs, they are sent to research the hierarchical relationships of the house and garden.
– Victorian dining was much more seasonal than is our manner of dining today. Original documents are provided to show the students what was available in each season, and they are encouraged to devise their own Victorian seasonal menu.
– Dining was a very formal ritual in the nineteenth century, we provide students with an original chapter on dining etiquette. They are encouraged write a new set of rules for dining today.


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