An Extract from an account of a visit to Woodville Walled Garden by the Clifden Garden Club

26th June 2010

The refurbishment of this 1 and 1/2 acre walled garden began in 2005 and it appeared well planted over this period, divided into sections of herbaceous plantings (east facing) fruit trees espalier and free standing (south and east) interspersed with soft fruit brushes and a separate strawberry bed. The ambitious planting included apricot, kiwi and vine. A central rose garden had great colour and the north wall had a large variety of shade loving plants.

The north wall included a 2 storied dovecote complete with a flock of about 30 white fantailed doves which did not seem to be bothered by a resident sparrow hawk that guarded the fruit crops.

A welcome seat in the sun where we were served tea and a cake selection supplemented by our own packed lunches with entertaining reminiscences from the clubs senior members. There was also a small selection of healthy, reasonably priced unusual plants from the garden on sale for those that had room in their car boot.


Ballinasloe Active Retirement Association

Here is a link to what they said about their visit to Woodville Walled Garden……..




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