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Blog- Delphiniums

Welcome to Woodville Walled Gardens  first blog of 2014.

Spring is definitely here, in the last 10 days the garden has changed colour completely with rapid growth in all areas.

As the garden wakes up so too do the gardeners nemesis. Look out for Delphiniums, make sure they are not munched by slugs and snails as they emerge. How you deal with these critters is between you and your maker. Rest assured they have an eye on your Delphiniums.

Slug and snail activity is really bad at the moment with no frost to keep them in check. Tidy your beds making sure they have nothing to hide under. This article by Kate Rogers Gessert will give you a well rounded insight into the life and possible deaths  (if that be your philosophy) of slugs.

During my tidy up I could not resist taking some basal cuttings from one big plant, which have taken already. (If you want to try taking your own basal cuttings here is a link to show you how.)


Put in plant supports and mulch well and they will reward you with those magnificent spires.


As soon as they finish flowering cut back to the ground, give them another feed and you will get a second flowering in September.

If however you find yourself worn down in defense of your Delphiniums and decide enough, never again why not try Monkshood- Actonitum, sometimes referred to as poor-mans Delphinium. We have a few varieties at Woodville, one of which is ready to flower in April, one mid-summer and best of all Bressingham Spires, which has fabulous  foliage all summer and then flowers though August, September and October. 

Happy gardening.

The Gardening Gnome.

Woodville W.G.

Mothers Day gift

Why not give your mother the gift of flowers all year long with a membership to Woodville Walled Garden. Only twenty euro for a single membership or fifty euro for a family membership. A gift that lasts not just for a day but all the way through to next years Mothers Day!


Gifts are not just for Christmas.

Imagine my delight when last week, I arrived to Woodville, and found waiting for me not one but two gifts of Snowdrops. One gift of three large pots, unnamed, not yet identified from Nenagh, thank you Moira. Gift two a little pot of the much coveted ‘Castlegar’ thank you Dorothy. Originally from the Mahon Estate discovered by Keith Lamb. This delicate beauty can flower early, mid December, which makes it all the more welcome in this bleak time of year. I would like to thank everybody for their donations of snowdrops in the last year, I eagerly await my little treasures.

Lets talk spuds! What are you growing this year? (first and second earlies should be chitted now in a sunny and frost free place).

Hope its a great year.

The garden gnome

Woodville W. G.


Snowdrops at Woodville

Snowdrop Day at Woodville Walled Garden on the 8th of February 2014. “A welcome to Spring” with a snowdrop talk by Paddy Tobin, renowned Irish Expert on snowdrops followed by a tour of the walled garden by head gardener Marie. Visit to Killinane Graveyard burial ground of Lady Augusta Gregory’s family with a talk by historian Gerry Kearney. Tickets € 10, Lunch extra. Registration at 10.30 am. Booking is essential as places are limited

Open Day at Woodville Walled Garden

Open Day at Woodville Walled Garden

with talks by Klaus Latinberger organic guru extraordinaire

and acclaimed plants man Karl Wright

Sunday 22nd September 2013

11am to 5.30pm

Admission€10 includes garden talks, tour and refreshments.GardenEventSeptember

Woodville Volunteers 2013

Have you some spare time and would like to develop your gardening skills.
Why not volunteer at Woodville Walled Garden.
This magical place will inspire you to new success in your own garden.
Meet like minded people and have fun!!!!

Snowdrops and Helleborous

Snowdrops at Woodville Walled Garden

Woodville Walled Garden, Kilchreest, Loughrea, Co. Galway will open from Thursday to Sunday 11am to 4pm for the month of February. A special tour of the garden will be provided each day at 2pm by the head gardener. Woodville Walled Garden once owned by a brother of Lady Augusta Gregory and the adjoining stables exhibits old photos and artifacts belonging to her family. The walled garden is an enchanting place to visit and see the first early spring bulbs in full bloom.
Just 20 mins drive from Galway City.

Woodville Walled Garden

Practical Gardening Classes

Woodville Walled Garden will be hosting a series of gardening classes this September. All aspects of gardening will be demonstrated with practical advice and gardening tips by our head gardener. Booking is essential as limited places available. Contact Margarita for further details at 087/9069191

Practical Gardening Classes


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